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Our Boob Tape is translucent health-related class duct tape developed specifically skin area! Use our Chest Lift Tape to elevate, separate, flatten, increase that will create all of the cleavage, bra-free of charge support, contour and assurance you need!

Reduce, clip and tape your A-E Glass breasts for virtually any outfit or situation using our generous roll of nude colour and unobtrusive, medical level boobytape for pores and skin!

What exactly is Boob tape?

Boob Tape / Bust Elevate Tape may be the original breast tape created to lift up the breasts inside a attractive placement underneath clothes and enhance cleavage.

How exactly does it function?

If the breasts is positioned inside the ideal situation Booby Tape can cause cleavage to the breast as well as creating support underneath clothing to ensure that you do not have to put on a bra that will enable the busts to become raised which has the same elasticity as your skin. Booby Tape is strong enough to assist your boobies and relocate naturally best underneath difficult clothes items.

How is Boob Tape different for some other tapes?

BoobTape may be the authentic breasts raise tape. For several years now celebrities have been taping their boobies with all the loves of masking tape and duct tape. These tapes are painful to remove and deficiency the effectiveness of Booby ape. Booby tape is definitely the original chest tape created to be pleasant on skin, and possesses the durability to hold within the largest of breasts.The secrets with Boob Tape is perhaps all within the sticky! It's created to hold the biggest of busts by using a very strong traction!

How is Boob tape various for some other bust lift goods?

The true sticky boobs bra secret characteristic of Boob Tape is that it comes in a roll and you could cut your personal length in accordance with measure to lower waste. Do you notice other products in the marketplace claiming to elevate boobies usually do not actually contain the busts completely? Booby Tape has the durability to hold busts along with the durability to very last all night.

Just how long will a roll previous?

It is determined by how big your breasts. For those who have a more substantial chest you are going to demand far go to the website more Booby Tape to hold your busts inside the ideal position. For smaller sized bosoms, or boobies seeking to generate cleavage you may find that you need significantly less tape than the usual greater busted lady. Typically you can find 5 to 15 uses of Booby tape dependant upon chest size.

Do I need to prep my skin area before use?

Our recommendation is that you can find no skin lotions or any merchandise on the skin before applying booby tape.

Is Booby Tape Hypoallergenic?

Indeed, Booby Tape is hypoallergenic. There is absolutely no latex or zinc oxide in Booby Tape. Booby Tape is manufactured out of a variety of pure cotton and nylon material and the sticky is acrylic. We advocate anyone who has ever a record of pores and skin irritability with tape to try out an evaluation area. To achieve this apply a little bit of tape for an area of skin near where you wish to implement the tape. Abandon for one day to guarantee there is absolutely no impulse.

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